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1:11 Time To Go See You (2021)

Venus in the Sky (2023)

Other name: ห้ามฟ้าห่มดาว Ham Fa Hom Dao


Over the past 3 years, both of them had grown apart. Venus decided to quit his job. He planned to return to his hometown to take a career break until his passion for work was reignited. In the meantime, he killed boredom through helping his older brother Janus who just opened a 24-hr. convenience store in a suburb. In the evenings, he would be responsible for small tasks such as delivering items to regular customers whose residences were located on his way home.One day, Venus met a new customer,Sky. Sky became an incessantly good-humoured, highly energetic young doctor despite mountains of work at the hospital. Upon seeing each other again, they couldn’t resist the feelings.(Source: iQIYI)

Country: Thailand

Status: ongoing

Released: 1970

Genre: BL Drama Miniseries Romance

Venus in the Sky (2023) trailer:
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